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Emergency Medical Cards

AlertCard is an Emergency Medical Information Card backed with an Online Personal Health Record. Your information is stored securely on a HIPAA-Compliant Web Server and is easily updated. AlertCards are printed on a water/fluid and tear resistant poly paper to be stored in your wallet for Medical Emergencies. 

Your AlertCard contains a specially selected set of medical information designed to help First Responders and Emergency Room Staff treat you with speed, effectiveness, and safety!

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Register or Log-In to Start building your AlertCard now. This card will can save your life and help you prepare for your next doctor appointment or medical emergency.  

AlertCard can not only save you time, it might just save your life.

What's On AlertCard?

What will you need to build your AlertCard? This will tell you everything that is in your Online Personal Health Record and which items will be printed on your AlertCard.

Learn what information you need to gather to create your AlertCard!

Why Choose AlertCard?

Printed & Online

AlertCard is designed primarily as a printed Emergency Medical Information Card, but your Online Personal Health Record will be accessible by our Website and Apps as well.

Easy To Manage

Once you create an AlertCard, you can log in and manage your information at any time. We’ll send you a free card once a year, but you can order additional AlertCards for a small fee.

Safe & Secure

Your Online Personal Health Record is stored securely on our HIPAA-Compliant Web Server in the Cloud and is secured by questions you select!

The process is easy, you register, enter your information, and we send your cards! 

How Do You Create Your AlertCard?

Step 1

Register for an Account

The registration process will let you start building your an online AlertCard profile for yourself or your loved one. 

step 2

Gather and Enter Your Medical Info

Once you’ve registered for an account, you’ll have to gather the medical information so you can fill out the AlertCard form. You can also use the form as a guide for what information you’re missing. 

The form is long, but don’t  be intimidated, you can fill it out in stages. If you don’t have everything ready, no problem, we’ll save your place and you can come back at any time. And if you need help, simply email us and we can answer any questions you have.

step 3

Purchase Your AlertCard Plan

Once you have your information ready to go, just purchase your AlertCard plan and we’ll print your card and ship it to you. It’s that easy.

We have two options:

  • One-Time AlertCard Price $18 One Time

    You get two AlertCards printed on Poly Paper and a Bright Yellow Silicone Band

    Extra Cards $18


  • AlertCard Subscription
    Price $30 per Year

    You get two AlertCards sent every 6 months. You also get the Bright Yellow Silicone Band replaced when you need it, just let us know (maximum 2 times each year).

    Extra Cards $12

This Card Can Save Your Life

Your AlertCard includes 10 panels including your Diagnoses, Medications, Allergies, and other important Medical Information in a highly organized way with the most urgent at the top of each panel and highlighted so they can’t be missed.

It also makes notifying your Emergency Contacts easy for someone helping you during a Medical Crisis.